The Obama Defeat Aftermath.

After the November election. The post Obama fallout.

No one knows how the presidential election next week will turn out. At present, Mitt Romney is leading in some polls and a number of important indicators (early voting results, voter enthusiasm, support among independent voters, crowd size, and money raising) are breaking in Romney’s favor.

Therefore, it is worth discussing the post election events that will follow an Obama defeat.

Many liberal news outlets and liberal groups are trying to create the illusion that Obama is leading in the polls. They are doing this by including higher numbers of democrats in their polls, typically around 8% more democrats. By asking more democrats how they will vote the pollsters give Obama a comfortable 3% to 5% lead.

These polls are purposely inaccurate. Liberals are engaged in an effort to undermine and de-legitimize a Romney victory. They are setting the stage to claim that Romney is not a legitimate winner.

Look for this to continue on election day with bogus “exit polls” that show Obama winning, just as they did in 2004 when exit polls showed John Kerry to be the winner over George Bush.

If Obama loses the liberal spin machine will go into overdrive. White males will vote heavily for Romney and will be called racist, even though many of them voted for Obama 4 years ago. Women who vote for Romney will be discredited as motivated by fear of a deteriorating economy and not aware of how dangerous President Romney will be. Republicans will be accused of “buying the election” using donations from big corporations and the “1%” who rule the world and exploit everyone else for their own selfish benefit.

If defeated, Obama, his band of thugs from Chicago, and delusional, misguided liberals from big cities across American will not go quietly. They will still have over two full months to wreak havoc.

Even in defeat Obama will receive at least 47% of the total popular vote and probably more. He will refer to this 47%+ as “millions of votes” and will say that he got more votes than either George Bush or Bill Clinton. He will say that in his last two months he will not desert the millions of people who need him for protection from the evil republicans.

Keep this in mind as Obama and the other lame duck democrats stonewall all attempts to stop the largest tax increases on the middle class in American history. Keep this in mind as Obama and the other lame ducks push to preserve their toxic mix of tax increases and arbitrary spending cuts in a deliberate attempt to spark another deep recession at the very beginning of the new Romney administration.

Despite recent denials to the contrary Obama demanded the tax increases and arbitrary spending cuts, effective on Jan. 1, 2013 as a condition to keeping taxes at their present level during the last budget “compromise” passed by Congress in 2011. In 2011 Obama admitted that tax increases would be devastating during high unemployment and very slow growth. Now, unemployment is still very high and economic growth is slower now than it was in 2011. The tax increases and arbitrary spending cuts will be even more devastating.

But, as a way to damage Romney in the first months of 2013, as a way to place blame for further harm to the American middle class on the “1%” led by Republicans, and as a way to create the narrative that Romney destroyed the Obama economic recovery, democrats will work very hard to implement their plan to further harm the U.S. economy.

If you think this is not possible, or if you think this is unlikely, I hope you are right. But I cannot help but think of the brave American soldiers in Libya fighting from a roof top in Benghazi to save the lives of U.S. government employees, while Obama and his coterie of cowards sat in the White House for seven hours watching live video feeds from overhead drone aircraft and refusing to send any help to save those soldiers’ lives.

These people will not step back from their own self interest and will not act to protect the American people if they think something harmful to our economy will rebound to their own benefit.

There is a reason why some people say “OBAMA” stands for “One Big Ass Mistake America“. The two months after his defeat will be hazardous for us all.


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