Stop the Keystone Pipeline. Make Room for Another Obama Green Energy Idea.

Some big corporations and big unions want to build a new oil pipeline to bring Canadian oil to the United States.  These companies have brainwashed millions of people to think this is a good idea.  They say it will create jobs for American workers, bring oil from our friends in Canada rather than from our enemies in Venezuela and the Middle East, lower the risk of environmental disasters from giant spills into our oceans, and give the U.S. a more secure source of energy.

Barack Obama opposes building this new pipeline across the United States from Canada to transport Canadian oil to U.S. refineries.  He thinks the pipeline might harm the environment.  He is worried that some oil might spill on the ground amidst the scenic beauty of the U.S. Great Plains.  See the photo at the left.  Gorgeous country.

The alternative plan is to have the oil piped across Canada to the west.

The pipeline would terminate on the west coast of British Columbia.  The oil would be loaded on super tankers and shipped across the Ocean to China and other countries.  Their workers would build refineries and pipelines across their countries to bring the refined products to their growing economies.  This way, the Chinese will have more money to lend us and Americans can buy more cheap Chinese stuff at Wal Mart.

Here’s a photo showing a typical scene of the British Columbia coastal area.  This is the

general area where the Canadian Pipeline would end and the oil tankers would begin.

Just for reference, below is a map showing the area where the oil tankers would leave Canada.  It’s one of the rockiest coastlines in the world.  The wind howls off the ocean.  There’s lots of other boat traffic, including ferries, cruise ships, commercial fishermen, and thousands of small recreational craft.

But we should not be such pessimists.  There’s lots of wildlife that will benefit from the industrialization of the wilderness and plants and animals alike will thrive.

Just think about the bears.  They will have an entirely new source of food, foraging among the garbage dumps in the roadless areas around the new oil export terminals.  Better yet, the crews and camps required for building the pipeline through the Rocky Mountain areas will really help those undeveloped areas.

I am trying to figure out why Obama would be more worried  about the possibility of an oil leak from a pipe onto the ground in the central U.S. than a sunken oil tanker in British Columbia.  But remember, Obama is from Chicago.  He  probably thinks that railroad switch yards and dusty plains are beautiful.

My liberal friends tell me that Obama is smart.  What do you think?

Obama must have another reason for opposing the Keystone Pipeline.  Maybe he thinks there will not be enough room for another pipeline.

Here’s a map showing existing U.S. pipelines.

There are lots of pipelines in the U.S. but I think there is room for one more.  What’s amazing is that Obama thinks one more pipeline will be so dangerous that we must prevent it from being built.  When was the last time you worried about a leak from one of the existing pipelines?  Not real high on your list of current concerns?  Yeah, me too.

What I really think is that Obama has another idea that is even better than anything we can think up.  This is because he is so smart.  Obama thinks of everything.  Maybe he has come up with something that his FMI friends can really get behind.  I bet he has a really great idea to create new jobs for his union buddies.

Here’s what I am thinking.   (Tell me this won’t appeal to Obama FMI voters?)

By not building that silly pipeline we can solve several problems at once.  What we need to do is take hundreds of Chevy Volt electric cars and hook them together like oxen for wagon trains.  Then, we have the Chevy Volts tow oil tanks full of Canadian oil down the existing freeways to our refineries.  We will call the it our new “Green Transport System for Oil “.   Just think about it.  We will solve the problem that Government Motors is having selling those crappy little cars, we will employ thousands of union members driving the little Volts, we will be using our existing freeways, we will support our local economies (the drivers will need restaurants and motels all along the route) and we won’t have any danger of a big oil leak that will mar our pristine scenic areas.

This is a great idea.  Just the kind of thing Obama and his FMI supporters can really get behind.  I bet he has already thought of it.  He is just waiting until near the election to put it out because then he will get more votes because he is so smart.

Oh, wait.  I am wrong.  Obama would never do something just to try and get more votes.  How silly of me.



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