Obama Votes “Present” on the Keystone Oil Pipeline for Canadian Oil.

During the election in 2008 some commentators revealed that Barack Obama had a significant tendency to duck controversial decisions and votes during his brief tenure as an Illinois State Senator.


Now, his propensity to vote “present” is coming home to roost.  Obama’s inability to make important decisions is causing significant harm to the U.S. economy and to our friend and neighbor to the north, Canada.


A   decision to approve or disapprove the Keystone Oil Pipeline project requires intelligent analysis and leadership.  Those requirements exceed Obama’s skill sets.  Instead of taking a position, Barack Obama punted.

He could have announced a denial or he could have announced an approval.  He could have consulted with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and made clear his objections so our Canadian friends would not be left hanging and twisting in the wind.  Instead, Obama took the cowards way out.


Instead of buying energy from our friend and trading partner to the north and transporting it safely via pipeline to inland U.S. refineries we will continue to import oil from far away transported by supertankers.  By delaying the Keystone pipeline Obama and his cast of idiots will try to force our Canadian friends to build a pipeline across their prairies, across the Canadian Rocky Mountains, through pristine wilderness, across aboriginal lands,  all the way to the Pacific Coast.  There it will be loaded onto supertankers that will navigate through crowded and treacherous waters.  The loading of the oil will create spills into Pacific N.W. waters rich with fisheries ranging from salmon to clams.  The transport of the oil via supertanker will bring the constant danger of huge oil spills.

It’s hard to imagine a more stupid decision.  Who would have thought that transporting oil via supertanker is better than using a pipeline?  But leave it to the environmental lobby and their Washington D.C. flunkies to reach a truly moronic and ignorant result.  The FMI strike again.

We will all suffer the consequences.

It’s time to revisit a prior post:  Obama:  A Great Leader.


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