Sierra Club Sues to Stop California Solar Project

Now that some of the dangers of nuclear power are front and center again, environmental groups and individuals are busy denouncing energy plants that produce large quantities of energy from relative small physical areas (like nuclear energy plants).  Of course, they follow their criticism with promotion of solar and wind energy projects.

One of the problems with solar and wind projects is that they require huge physical areas to produce any meaningful amounts of usable electricity.  Additionally, these projects must be located in large open areas that are otherwise undeveloped.  Many of these large open areas are unspoiled wildlife habitat.

In California, the Sierra Club has sued to stop a large scale solar project in the Mojave Desert.  The objections are primarily based upon adverse impacts the project might have on desert plants and animals.  Examples are the desert Tortoises, lizards, eagles, and bighorn sheep.

Sometimes I think God gave us leftist environmentalists to provide amusement on dull days.

Maybe I need to buy more candles and blankets and fill my propane tank again.  I think I will miss watching TV, when the electricity black-outs begin.  But then again, where I live the power comes from clean, renewable hydro power owned by local co-ops.  We will probably all get rich selling the excess electricity to these morons in California so they can recharge their silly little electric cars.  Such sweet irony.

More on this story is available at the following links:


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