The Green Jobs Delusion

One of the things I really love about liberals in general and environmentalist liberals in particular is their uncanny ability to push dumb policies to “fix” complex problems.

The first political liberals appeared on the socio-economic scene centuries ago.  They pursued careers as alchemists trying to make gold from lead and as engineers attempting to create perpetual motion machines.  These early liberals shared one important trait with modern liberals.  Whether trying to make free gold or get free energy they pursue without hesitation the notion of a free lunch.

Maybe this is why liberals love homeless people.  They admire seeing others living the free lunch lifestyle no matter how decrepit or unpleasant the existence.  Is this the real promise of liberalism?

In some respects modern liberals make their alchemist ancestors look like pikers.  Take the idea of renewable energy for example.

Liberals love the idea of green jobs.  (Green like trees.)  I wonder why they don’t like “blue jobs”.  (Blue like the sky).  Or “yellow jobs” (like the sun).  But no, liberals like “green jobs” and they equate this to renewable energy.  Like wind energy.  Nice, clean, renewable wind energy.

Everyone loves renewable energy but it has an alchemical attraction to liberals.  Except for one simple problem.  Other forms of renewable energy create more efficient, cheap, reliable energy than wind.  Take hydro-power for example.  Dams store water, direct it through turbines, and create electricity.  Every year the reservoir of water goes down and every year it refills.  Clean, renewable and very reliable.

But liberals hate dams.  They really hate them.  Wind power is better they say.  Never mind that wind power is expensive, takes up huge areas of surface land or surface water, has no storage capacity, scars the landscape with ugly, noisy towers that are expensive to build and expensive to maintain and repair, kills birds by the thousands, and only provides power when the wind blows.  Never mind that wind energy requires billions of dollars of subsidies to billionaires and multi-national corporations.  Wind is better.  Wind is green.  Not blue, not yellow, not red.  Green, green, green, and green is good.

The question is, “How can wind compete with renewable hydro-power”?  The answer, “It can’t”.  “What should we do?”  liberals ask.  I know, let’s pass laws that say power companies must build renewable power generation plants and in the definition of renewable we will leave out hydro-power.  Have companies that manufacture wind turbines, towers, and other equipment bankroll elections to convince voters to pass laws that say hydro-power is not renewable.

So that’s what our modern day alchemists have done.  All over the country with the help and encouragement of businesses that profit from wind energy equipment, the perpetual motion morons have put in place laws that require investment in “renewable energy” and that drive taxpayer money to these boondoggles and the companies that promote them.  Can you spell “Goldman Sachs” or “General Electric”.  See Helping to Grow Renewable Energy. Didn’t those greedy wall street suits get enough taxpayer $’s during the big bailout?  Apparently not.  What a scam.

“Well”, say the liberal perpetual motion morons, “Maybe green energy wind farms cost a lot of money and are unreliable  but they create jobs”.  Oh Yeah?  See:  America’s Wind Power Bubble — Massive Growth Yet Bleeding Jobs.  Just because an industry has the political power necessary to get huge taxpayer subsidies does not mean it’s a good investment.  Perhaps, just perhaps, the taxpayer money could be better spent elsewhere.  See:  How Green is Your Lost Job?Obama’s Green Jobs Program: $135,294 Per Job.

The problem with perpetual motion machines, alchemy, and government subsidies for “green jobs” is that all three are delusional.  Just like modern day liberals.


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