It’s Begun. Global Warming and Earthquakes.

Why am I not surprised?  Environmentalists are rushing to connect global warming to the recent earthquake in Japan.  (Note:  “global warming is now referred to as “climate change” since actual “global” warming does not exist).

So climate change is being connected to the earthquake.  Why bother with science on such an important subject?  Let’s all just charge ahead and say silly things.  It’s the thought that counts and being silly is so much more fun.

Here’s more:

Is the rumor true that Michael Moore and Jesse Jackson will lead a delegation to Japan to protest the earthquake?  Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

By the way.  Since we know George Bush is responsible for global warming (we learned this after Hurricane Katrina) is it also possible that George Bush is responsible for the devastation in Japan?  And exactly where was Dick Cheney last night?

Too bad we can’t blame Obama but everyone knows he inherited this problem.


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